How to Choose Your Door Handles

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When one wants to replace their door handles, they want the highest quality, functional and good looking. It’s surprising how many options you will have in the market today when you want to replace them. The most important thing is to know what you are looking for. 

Consider the Materials

Door handles come in different materials thus this is something else that you need to consider. Bronze handles and stainless steel are some of the materials to opt for. For shiny, durable and outstanding knobs, stainless steel is a perfect material while for bronze, you get a subtle and rustic look.

The Finish

If you are conscious about how the door handles will look like to your visitors, it is a must you consider the finishes that you choose. From the colors, the finishing itself to texturing, you are spoilt for choice regardless of why you want to replace your doorknobs. For bronze, opt for the level of golden coppery shade that appeals to you, gloss or matte finish and the texture of your liking. Besides the range of colors that you have to choose from, you can get the texture, a matte or gloss finish that you prefer.

Different Designs and Styles

You probably do not like the round doorknobs that you see in stores and homes. This should not bother you. There are varieties of them such as those with industrial looks, rectangular or curved ones among other designs. Designers have become quite creative with door handles.

Consider How Easy They Are to Maintain

Door handles that are weak will give you challenges in handling and caring for them. You are always worried about whether they will give you a good service. You need handles that do not get scratches, dings, and dents easily. They are strong that even when the little ones play with them, they will not break with easy. Cleaning is part of the maintenance. Easy to clean means that even with a piece of cloth, you can clean them without causing scratches or dents.

With door handles, you do not have to worry whether your personal taste will be reflected in the ones that you choose. This is because the market gives you plenty of options whether it’s about durability, color, material, texture or finish. They also come in different designs and styles to suit different preferences.