Removing Stains from Your Floors

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There are different flooring options that you can choose from and what your neighbor has could be different from yours. Despite the difference, each one of them is prone to stains among other issues. Stains could result from dirt accumulation, spilling of liquids, building materials spillage and even some powders among other things. 


  • Vinyl Flooring


There are various ways to remove stubborn stains on vinyl flooring. Isopropyl alcohol, bleach, oxalic acid, and laundry detergent easily removes the stains. Bleach takes some time to remove the stain and is best used for stains resulting from juices and wines.

For stubborn stains such as rust, you can use oxalic acid powder mixed with water to form a paste while isopropyl acid is good for stubborn marks. Laundry detergents should be put on stains and scrubbed. 


  • Hardwood


Hardwood floors are prone to stains such as water stains, black spots or even stains in a home that has kids or animals. The good thing is that they can be removed. Toothpaste can be used to remove marks when wiped with a damp cloth while hot iron over a cloth can be used to remove some water stains.


If it is general stains you need to be wiped out, hydrogen peroxide should be allowed to sit on the stain for about 5 minutes before being wiped out. 

  • Tiles


Due to the designs of tiles, you can find that grout settles in between tiles. Although many resorts to prickle it out, this does not remove it completely. The best solution is mixing shaving cream and lemon juice. It removes the grout with ease. 


  • Stone Flooring


Gums and tough stains are common on stone flooring. While a gym should be frozen for ease in removal, this cannot work on tough stains. Muriatic acid works wonders in this case but due to its nature, you should wear protective gears such as gloves and a respirator. Ultimately it does a great job. 


When it comes to stain removal, the type of flooring matters will determine the best method to use. This is because a method that works for one kind of flooring could be harmful to another. Some stains can cause sleepless nights especially when they are clearly visible. Since some stains are inevitable, it’s recommended that you have stain removal tips at your fingertips. Your home is a huge investment that should be taken care of.