Easy DIY Home Improvements That Will Give Your Place A Stylish Upgrade

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Home improvements are considered by many to be a necessary evil. Sometimes you don’t have a choice in the matter when things fall apart. Or something is so ugly that you need to do something about it. Fortunately, you don’t need to pay thousands of dollars to a stranger. You can do many home improvements by yourself, and without much hassle. Here are some easy and cool ideas that will allow you to give your home a sweet upgrade!

Give Your Ceiling Light A Makeover

If you wanted to add some flavor to your home, a simple way is to start with your ceiling light. You probably never gave it too much thought because you weren’t sure what you could do with it. Fortunately, there is a simple trick to making it look stylish. Add a lampshade to it! Many people, especially renters think they’re stuck with their boring ceiling light fixture. However, adding a drum shade is a quick and easy way to make it look cool.

Hide Unsightly Backsplash

Many people, especially renters are plagued with hideous backsplash in their kitchens. Home improvements in the kitchen area can be grossly expensive. Lucky for you there is a simple way to get rid of that eyesore. All you have to do is use plastic tiles that look like tin. There are these neat little plastic squares that resemble tin that come in a bunch of different colors. You can find them at your local stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s.

Get Rid Of Those Ugly Television Wires

Wires are probably one of the biggest eyesores (and safety hazards) you can find a home. Unfortunately, despite our increasingly wireless society, most people can’t escape them. Your home entertainment system may look awesome, but it will also be plagued by the unwanted presence of wires. Until now that is. If you have a TV as a centerpiece and want to hide those ugly wires, an easy DIY hack you can do is hide them in a shower rod. You can run it right from underneath the TV down to the floor. It looks really cool, is easy to do, and most importantly, hides the wires!

Cover Up That Hideous Wire Shelving

I have nothing against wire shelving. It’s really good at what it does and isn’t too expensive. Unfortunately, it can make a room look like a prison camp. They’re just so ugly. You can do something about it though (not throw them in the garbage). To keep with the trend of easy home improvements, we’re proposing that you cover them up with tab curtains. Not only can you still easily access whatever you’re storing there, but now it will actually look cool instead of depressing. As a bonus, anything potentially embarrassing you might be storing won’t be plainly visible.

Upgrade Your Curtains

An article about home improvements wouldn’t be complete without a way to make your curtains look cool. You can easily turn your curtains from lame to chic with brass hardware tie-backs for your curtains. This method was devised by interior designer Annie Selke. The great thing about this method other than how great it looks and the simplicity is the price. You can purchase brass snap hooks at pretty much any hardware store for about $2.

Don’t let upgrading your home be expensive or a Hassell. Just get creative!